Creating and Managing Content

What is content?

So you have your LMS. Awesome! But what is an LMS without content? And what is content anyway?

Content is another term for training material. You can add training for virtually anything.

  • Compliance Training
  • Safety Training
  • New Employee Training/Onboarding
  • On-Going Training to keep skills fresh
  • Rapid Learnings for new features/changes to products/company, etc
  • Add-on skills when employees are ready to take on more responsibility
The reasons for training are nearly endless. If there’s a need to teach a topic that will need to be learned by more than one person, it’s probably a good idea to create a training for it. Having training content in place will help improve the process and keep it consistent for more sustainable and predictable results. It also provides for a more consistent experience for customers that your company might be supporting. 
The hierarchy of content in LearnDash is the following:

Course > Lesson > Topic

A course is the entire training offering. There will be at least 1 lesson per course, but you can have as many lessons as you want for any given course. A topic are the sections within a lesson. Again, you can have as many topics as you want within a lesson.

To recap, each lesson (or module) has one or more topics. Each course has one or more lessons. You can also add quizzes to your training at the the topic, lesson, or course level. 

It’s common to add mini quizzes or knowledge checks for each topic or lesson and then a comprehensive final exam for the entire course.

How do I add content?

To add training, you can simply go to LearnDash > Courses. Then you can click “Add New.” as shown in the screenshot below.

After clicking “Add New,” you can add your course title and click “Course Builder.” Here, you can add lessons, topics, quizzes, etc.

To edit the lessons or topics, you go to LearnDash > Lessons or LearnDash > Topics and hover over the lesson or topic name and click edit.

Video References

Video: Create a Course

Video: Add or Edit Content

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